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För närvarande finns det ingen recension av programmet: TomTom Home, version Om du vill skriva en recension av programmet, var vänlig gör så och skicka den till oss så inkluderar vi den gärna här.

Although you will have to subscribe for some of the updates to work, like the speed camera updates, there are still many others that are free. Tom Tom Home also means you can manage your device’s memory more effectively, enabling you to move data between device and PC simply and easily. You can also install celebrity voices, back up your travel information, and receive free traffic alerts with TomTom Home. Downloading is easy-peasy-lemon squeezy with the setup wizard at your service. TomTom Home is a useful addition for any TomTom device owner. If you need to restore an older version, Tom Tom home can assist you with step-by-step instructions. This handy software also offers a range of different celebrity and cartoon voices that will make your journey more entertaining. You can add points of interest so you know what to look out for along the way. Tom Tom home has an innovative new interface, making it a pleasure to use. The ‘Manage my device’ feature enables you to store and control the information stored on both your device and your PC in one fail swoop. Navigating your navigational device has never been simpler! Customer services have improved over time and now you can feel secure knowing you have a service team of experts to help solve any issues you may experience. Tom Tom Home provides everything you need to get from A to B, stylishly packaged and simplistically designed.

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